Angela Hay

Position: Guidance Counselor

School: Everglades Elementary School

School District: Palm Beach Schools

City, State: West Palm Beach, Florida

About the Nominee: Angela Hay was nominated by a colleague, Jennifer Benn. Ms. Hay has done an amazing job as the guidance counselor for her school. She works very closely with teachers and students to provide social and emotional support. Ms. Hay works with students to perform peer mediation, which gives them the tools to talk about their feelings and problem solve. She also works with students individually and in small group settings to provide support and strategies in many areas, including anger management, anxiety and self confidence. She provides students with specific strategies they can utilize in the classroom such as a cool down spot and student reflection.

Ms. Hay serves as an integral part of the school-based team, working with teachers to create and implement academic and behavior plans with students. For instance, she instituted a check-in and check-out system with one of her school's more challenging students. Every day, as Ms. Hay continued to provide positive support, this student's behavior improved and their confidence rose. Checking in with Ms. Hay each afternoon was the highlight of this student's day, and the staff always knew where to find them. One day, they even hugged her and brought her an orchid to thank her! Ms. Hay has truly changed this student's life, making a connection with them that they'll always remember. Her impact on people and students makes a difference every day.