Angela Distasio

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: Nob Hill Elementary

School District: Broward County Public Schools

City, State: Sunrise, Florida

About the Nominee: There is always that teacher who your child connects with. There is always that student who a teacher connects with. This connection make it possible for the student to achieve and exceed all expectations. Angela Distasio makes these one-on-one connections with her students and guides them on a path to success. She gains the trust of each student, their parents and the school community by ensuring she has the best interest of the student in mind. She proves it through all of her students' successes. Ms. Distasio believes that if you are teaching the students what's in the curriculum, you need to supplement it with material that enriches the concept and allows each student to go further. That way, true learning can take place. When each student feels successful, they want to attain more. When the students are successful, so is Ms. Distasio.

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