Angela Denson

Position: Reading Specialist School: Willoughby Elementary School

School District: Norfolk Public Schools

City, State: Norfolk, Virginia

About the Nominee: Angela Denson was nominated by her principal, June Lightfoot.

Angela Denson is a champion for students. She goes above and beyond to make sure all students are successful. Mrs. Denson analyzes and uses data to provide support for instruction as she collaborates with teachers. She prepares Tier 2/3 instruction for students not meeting standards in reading, models lessons and provides support for classroom reading and writing instruction. She also collaborates with parents and provides resources for them to help their children at home.

Mrs. Denson involves students in Reading Across America, nightly reading homework, the school-wide Spelling Bee and recognition for home reading and acquisition of sight words based on grade level requirements. She also serves as the designee in the absence of administration and leads with integrity. Mrs. Denson is a member of the Leadership Team and helps to ensure that teachers and students are successful. She provides professional development in reading instruction, RTI, formative assessment, data driving decision making, etc. She was instrumental in Willoughby Elementary School receiving the 2016 Title 1 Highly Distinguished Award; student scores ranked in the top schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mrs. Denson is a LifeChanger for her students!

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