Angel Ramos

Position: School Principal

School: Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind

School District: Honolulu

City, State: Honolulu, Hawaii

About the Nominee: Dr. Angel Ramos is a LifeChanger in Hawaii's deaf community! He has shared his wealth of leadership, experience and knowledge of Deaf Education through his role as Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind's (HSDB) principal. Dr. Ramos was recently in his first year of retirement after many years of service as a deaf educator and leader. He helped various schools reach a new level of prestige and came out of retirement to support deaf education in Hawaii and pick up the role of HSDB's principal. Every day, Dr. Ramos comes to work with a smile on face. He wants to greet and speak to every student and has a desire to help that emanates from his heart. When Dr. Ramos sees a student having a rough day, he'll be the first to stop what he is doing to see how he can help. He is dedicated to assisting teachers and staff in any and every possible way by having an open door policy. Recently, Dr. Ramos gave up his own American Sign Language interpreter so that two teachers could continue with the training they needed for their job.

Dr. Ramos works closely with staff, not only in the school, but in his district. His mission is to bring necessary changes and resources to HSDB that focus on deaf education at its finest. Dr. Ramos has implemented Achieve3000, a program that will help improve the reading and writing of HSDB's deaf students. His belief in the deaf students he serves has helped build their confidence. The Hawaiian community is very grateful to have an amazing deaf icon and leader as part of their team. Dr. Ramos has provided local deaf children with access to an amazing deaf education full of resources that has only improved and broadened since his arrival. He is a true "Angel" for the deaf community of Hawaii by turning its deaf educational dreams into a reality.

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