Andre Jones

Position: Assistant Principal

School: Bair Middle School

School District: Broward County Public Schools

City, State: Sunrise, Florida

About the Nominee: Andre Jones is a positive, influential man in his community. He is the Assistant Principal at Bair Middle School, where anyone who needs him can find him at school early and after school late. Mr. Jones has an open door, open communication policy because he is committed to the success of his community and dedicated to his career. He remains clearly visible, maintains a watchful eye and is an effective male adult role model with in the community. He takes pride in his surroundings while encouraging the community, school, parents, staff and students to do the same. Mr. Jones shows everyone what pride in yourself, your work and your environments should look like and how it should be represented. Most importantly, he provides factual data of the outcomes being achieved when you do take pride in all those areas.

Mr. Jones does not expect any stakeholder to do something that he would not do himself. With that said, he sets his expectations high, and each stakeholder believes in his vision so much that they exceed his expectations. His vision of all stakeholders taking pride in their specific role within the community matches his belief that anyone can achieve with the right environment, proper role models, continuous support, time for reflection and effective, immediate feedback. If all support systems are put in place and everyone is communicating continuously achievement is inevitable, no matter the circumstances.

Mr. Jones embodies the entire package of a LifeChanger. His personality and genuine, ongoing involvement with the school, community, students and parents has paved and provided a strong foundation for an ongoing path to success for the Bair community.