Amy Richardson

Position: Sophomore English Teacher

School: Bay High School

School District: Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District

City, State: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Amy Richardson teaches the intense, time-consuming, state-tested English II course at Bay High School. She does an amazing job of it! Ms. Richardson does so much more than teach her content. She teaches and models patience, compassion and determination through every obstacle placed in front of her with grace and dignity. She takes care of her students and peers inside and outside of the walls of the school building. Ms. Richardson leads her team, department and school by showing class, dignity and determination. She exceeds expectations in every area of her work and is a great mom, wife and grandmother on top of it all. She works through medical issues without complaint and shows everyone how to be positive during adversity. Ms. Richardson is the model of what all people should be!

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