Amy Ellison

Position: First Grade Teacher

School: Brooksville Elementary School

School District: Hernando County School Board

City, State: Brooksville, Florida

About the Nominee: Amy Ellison is an amazing teacher! She is so good with students that other teachers bring their students to her so she can counsel them. Ms. Ellison has a special way with children that inspires other teachers. She takes students who are struggling, either physically or financially, and helps them persevere and be the best students they can be. Many teachers in her district love her and want to work with her.

Ms. Ellison has fought through some hard times and has overcome many challenges, always striving to be her best. She began her career as a secretary at the front desk. She did such a great job that the superintendent wanted her to be his representative in his office. Her fellow employees later encouraged her to become a teacher and helped her get started on her degree. She completed her studies while also working and raising her children. Ms. Ellison went on to graduate and was hired as a teacher. She has been a mentor to all her students ever since. Every year, former students always run up to her and hug her because she has made improvements to every single one of their lives!