Amy Cousin

Position: 7th Grade Life Science School: Elkins Pointe Middle School

School District: Fulton County Schools

City, State: Roswell, Georgia

About the Nominee: Over the course of her 12 year teaching career, Amy Cousin has touched the lives of many students. She is one of the most caring people one could ever meet, and she truly loves her students! She cares for their well-being, both during and after school hours, and has shown this by making sure they have all of their basic needs met and that they know she is there for them at all times. Many times, Mrs. Cousin has gone shopping to provide warm clothes, coats and shoes during the winter months. She and her husband will attend ball games and extracurricular activities that her students participate in, and they often watch students even after they have gone on to attend high school and college. Through these activities, she has developed a life-long relationship with many of her former students and their parents.

Mrs. Cousin is an exemplary teacher and has received many accolades during her teaching career. She has been named Teacher of the Month and has been a nominee for Teacher of the Year at more than one school. She also received the GHSA Assistant Coach of the Year for her work with the softball team at Carrollton High School. In the 2015-16 school year, she received the Game Changer Award in recognition of her hard work at her current school and was one of the top three finalists for Employee of the Year.

In addition to teaching science, Mrs. Cousin has worked closely with students and teachers in other areas. She has coached softball at the middle school and high school levels and has been a head coach for basketball at the middle school. Mrs. Cousin has also been a member of the school leadership team for many years and has been the chairperson for a variety of teams, including the science department, personalized learning communities and the professional learning committee. Additionally, she works with her school's Science Olympiad team, who have made trips to the state competition for several years. Mrs. Cousin has also been a part of the Teacher Selector program in Fulton County from its onset. This program provides an opportunity for exemplary teachers to interview potential new teacher candidates over the phone. She has also participated in several job fairs as an interviewer on behalf of the county. Her favorite place to be, however, is in her classroom. It's a place where she provides a fun, energetic education to her students. Her love of science and her passion for life-long learning is passed on to her students as she encourages them to do their best each and every day!

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