Alma Crespo

Position: Principal Secretary/Executive School Secretary

School: Central Avenue Elementary School

School District: Osceola County School District

City, State: Kissimmee, Florida

About the Nominee: Alma Crespo was nominated by a colleague, Rachel Zephyr. Ms. Crespo demonstrates the following traits:

-Excellent customer service when dealing with parents, students, staff and other community members

-She is committed to producing a nurturing atmosphere throughout Central Avenue Elementary School

-She is a very positive person and a great listener

-She goes out of her way to help others

Ms. Crespo has a proven record of excellent performance at the professional level. For instance, she was the recipient of Employee of the Year Award at the Transportation Department of Osceola County in the years of 2005 and 2012 and has been nominated several times at Central Avenue Elementary School.

As a Principal's Secretary, Ms. Crespo steps up to the plate to make parents, students and community members welcome in her school. For example, if a parent is upset about a certain situation, Ms. Crespo will take them to her office, listen to their concerns and try to find a solution. Parents leave her office satisfied with the outcome.

Ms. Zephyr states that she personally enjoys working with Ms. Crespo. She is a ray of sunshine in her school and always has a smile, no matter what the situation brings!

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