LifeChanger of the Year - AGent E-Kit

Use these resources to promote the LifeChanger of the Year Program and secure nominations in your district.

PDF Guide to Securing LifeChanger Nominations

A step-by-step walk through on promoting LifeChanger of the Year in schools and districts.

Printed Materials

Trifold Brochure


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Promotional Emails (click on the button to download)

Digital Collateral

For Independent Distribution:
Use these pieces to promote the LifeChanger of the Year program online and on social media. Follow LifeChanger of the Year's social media accounts for more ideas.

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For Career Distribution:

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Career Agents: Please refer to the social media icons in the Hearsay content library. Submit this through your approved website administration system for FMG or Emerald.

Celebrating LifeChangers

Everything you need to engage with schools and districts while promoting a LifeChanger nominee.

Agent Talking Points

Use these talking points when discussing LifeChanger of the Year with a school or district.

A webpage with tools and resources for schools and districts to use to celebrate their nominee.

Tip: Great engagement tool to share with the principal, secretary or district contact.

Nominee Poster

Customize this poster with the nominee's name and deliver two copies - one to the school, and one to the district office.

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Superintendent Outreach

Notify the district superintendent about local LifeChangers using these pieces.


Community Outreach

Engage with the nominee's community using these pieces.

Business Owners

Elected Officials



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