2018 Summer Survey:
How Educators Stay Successful

This summer, we surveyed K-12 educators and school employees from across the country about how they ensure success - not only for students, but for themselves. Here's how they responded.

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Not Just Having Fun in the Sun

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Fun Fact: Millennials are more likely to spend more time preparing for next school year (85%) than older educators. READ MORE.

Dedicating Extra Time

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Seventy-six percent of respondents dedicate at least 7 hours a week beyond their position. More than half dedicate at least 10 hours. READ MORE.

Sharpening Tools for Success

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Taking Time for Themselves

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Thinking About Finances and Money

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Sixty percent of millennials say that personal finances are their largest stressor, followed by work. (17%)

Only 36% of older educators say that personal finances are their largest stressor. Their top stressor was "other" (40%).

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How are K-12 educators planning for the future - and managing their finances?

Fun Fact: Millennial respondents said they are less likely to use state pensions to fund their retirement (66%) than older respondents (73%). On the flip side, millennials are more likely to fund their retirement using 403b plans (51%). READ MORE

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Younger educators were less sure if they’d have a secure retirement (42%), as opposed to older educators (34%). Twelve percent of educators haven’t started planning.