Lee Kaiser

Position: Counselor

School: Centreville Elementary School

School District: Fairfax County Public Schools

City, State: Centreville , Virginia

About the Nominee: The motivation that drives Mr. Kaiser’s mission is that of prevention. He draws upon his passion and skills to effectively encourage students to become more efficacious and proactive in setting and reaching the goals they desire to achieve. Students make positive, dramatic progress with his assistance. Students, parents, staff and FCPS colleagues consistently report that the support Mr. Kaiser has provided has been invaluable. It is not unusual for former students to seek him out to thank him for the difference he has made in their lives. In fact, it is quite a testament to his impact with these students that they continue to reach out to him, years after they have left, to let him know of the positive impact he had upon them. Mr. Kaiser is a dedicated and collaborative leader at school. He has led the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Team initiative since its inception in 2007. In that time, the positive change in the school climate has been dramatic. Mr. Kaiser has promoted and led many school wide initiatives, which have been equally successful in promoting and engaging the Centreville Elementary School community. For example, the Eagle Aides mentor program of nearly 200 mentees and mentors provides positive support to needy children at the school. The Family Picnic celebrates the first week of school with a giant community celebration which attracts more than school community members. Because of his advocacy we have a backpack program which sends food home each weekend with the school’s neediest children.

Mr. Kaiser is a humble, highly effective advocate for the students. He is also a true catalyst and an energetic force for the positive change at Centreville Elementary School. One of Mr. Kaiser’s admirers reflects on the words spoken by Albert Einstein: “Example isn't another way to teach. It's the only way to teach." Mr. Kaiser is that example and students, colleagues and community members are all better for having the opportunity to work alongside him.

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